Forde Radio Podcast #1

Ecart on Close Radio

12.01.2011, 18h-19h / 22h-23h

John M. Armleder, Dream Piece, 1976

De 1976 à 1979, la radio KPFK basée à Los Angeles diffuse Close Radio, un programme hebdomadaire qui permettait aux artistes de diffuser sur le réseau FM des oeuvres sonores. Fondé par John Duncan et Neil Goldstein, Close Radio est programmé par Duncan et Paul McCarthy. Ce dernier invite le groupe Ecart a prendre possession du programme durant le mois d’Octobre 1977.

Dans le cadre de Ecart, chronologie en cinq jours (10-15.01.2010), Forde Radio a rassemblé pour son premier podcast l’intégralité des interventions de ce qui, par la suite, s’est intitulé Ecart on Close Radio.

PART1 (12.01.2011, 18h-19h)

Galerie Ecart Workshop (06.10.1977)
Collage of sounds, words, noise, and music.

Galerie Ecart presents Maurizio Nannucci (06.10.1977)

An artist reads the names of several colors, and sometimes the names overlap.
© Zona Archives, Florence, Italy

Galerie Ecart Workshop (06.10.1977)
Composition of « chance systems » and improvisional exercices.

Galerie Ecart presents Giuseppe Chiari in concert at Ecart Gallery (06.10.1977)
A piano concert of randomly played notes.

Ecart Performance Group (06.10.1977)
Collage of sounds and noises.

Galerie Ecart presents Mary Harding, John Armleder, and Philippe Deléglise in Wolf Vostell’s Regen (06.10.1977)
A recording of the artists talking while performing under outdoor showers in Vostell’s Regen.

Ecart Performance Group (06.10.1977)
A sound played on a gong.

Galerie Ecart presents John Armleder (06.10.1977)

A sound piece with the voices of John Cage, Dick Higgins, William Burroughs, George Brecht, Richard Huelsenbeck, Merce Cunningham, Kurt Schwitters, Naum Gabo, Marcel Duchamp, and Raoul Hausmann.

Galerie Ecart presents Claude Rychner (06.10.1977)
Driving to Zurich

A recording of the artist travelling by motorcycle.

Galerie Ecart presents Ben Vautier (06.10.1977)
For close

Instructional English-language tapes play during a lecture on nationalism and multiculturalism. Continued in 48 parts.
© Artists Right Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris


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PART 2 (12.01.2011, 22h-23h)

Galerie Ecart presents Ben Vautier (13.10.1977)
For close (continued)

Part 2 of 47.

Galerie Ecart presents Endre Tot (20.10.1977)
I am glad if I Can Say a Sentence One After the Other
The artist repeats the title of the work.

Ecart Performance Group (27.10.1977)
Rowing from One Point to Another on lake Geneva
A recording of the artist rowing a boat.