Forde Radio Podcast #2

Hypnagogic States

26.01.2011, 18h-19h30

Oneohtrix Point Never, Nobody Here, 2009

"And since, according to Antiquity, it is the imagination which forms dream images, this explains the particular relationship to truth which dreams have in the ancient world (like divination per somnia) and to efficacious knowledge (like medical treatment per incubationem). This is still true in primitive cultures. Devereux reports that the Mojave (not unlike other shamanistic cultures) believe that shamanistic powers and knowledge of myths, as well as the actions and chants that refer to them, are acquired in dreams - and, moreover, that if they were acquired in a waking state, they would remain sterile and ineffective until they were dreamed." (Giorgio Agamben, 1993)


Michael Mann, Manhunter

Demdike Stare, Matilda's Dream

J.J. Abrams, Lost, season 3 episode 22 : Through the Looking Glass

La Monte Young, Well Tuned Piano

Seth Price, Tale of the Skull

Tony Conrad & Faust, From the Side of Woman and Mankind

Brion Gysin, Flicker

Ducktails, Seagull’s Flight

« Raymond Hains » par Bernard Blistène

Ron Rice, Chumlum

Ash Ra Tempel, Le Songe d'Or

Carlos Castaneda, interview on Radio KPFA

Steven Halpern, Inner Radiance

NASA Voyager Recordings, Symphonies of the Planets 1

Carlos Castaneda, Magical Passes

The Residents, Floating Down The Nile part 2

Joachim Koester, interview

Popol Vuh, Hand in Hand in Hand

Kyle MacLachlan, The Killer In My Dream Was Named Bob...

David Lynch & Mark Frost, Twin Peaks, Season 2 episode 22 : Beyond Life and Death

Kate Bush, And Dream Of Sheep

Greg Davis, Regarding Wave (Part 1)

Tim Blake, Midnight

Duncan Ward and Gabriella Cardazzo, Imaginary Landscape, A Film on Brian Eno

Oneohtrix Point Never, Nobody Here

Emeralds, Genetic

Selected by Yann Chateigné Tytelman