performances, screenings, lectures

Mathilde Agius, Delphine Coindet, Le Dispositif (Thomas Bertay &

Pacôme Thiellement), Eric Duvivier, Hypnotic Show (Raimundas Malasauskas & Marcos Lutyens), Renaud Loda, Noé Soulier

10.01 - 19.01.2012


  1. 1.Miscellany of geographical maps.

  2. 2.The first vertebra of the neck, the one supporting the head.

Free entrance. Opening hours of the bar (hot dogs & cocktails) : everyday, 6-10pm

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A program of performances, lectures and screenings devised around marginal categories of knowledge, uncertain cognitive states, collective rituals, historical writing, altered perceptions and negative thinking.

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10.01.2012, 7pm

Un semblant de monde

Pacôme Thiellement & Thomas Bertay

A program of 4 episodes of the serial Le Dispositif. Le Dispositif is a program of explanation, conditioning and orientation videos. The programm will consist of 52 films when it is completed in 2012.

Screening followed by a discussion between Pacôme Thiellement and Thomas Bertay.

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11.01.2012, 7pm


Noé Soulier

Noé Soulier composes disparate theoretical constructions by using choreographic, musical or cinematographic tools, engaging the audience in an intellectual experience structured by dramaturgic principles.

Production: wpZimmer; coproduction: Kaaitheater/Brussel, Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers - Paris, HAU – Berlin; with the support of: De Vlaamse Overheid, Festival d'Automne - Paris

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13.01.2012, from 8pm

Silvesterklausen Party

Witch House. Ghost Dance. Zombie Rave. Ghetto Ass Weirdness.

Line up : Vague DJ (info here), StopMakingSense (blog here) & Hopeless

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15.01.2012, 6pm

Hypnotic Show

Raimundas Malasauskas & Marcos Lutyens

This seance of Hypnotic Show consists in a series of scripts based on historic exhibitions written by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Angie Keefer, John Menick and Robert Snowden, to be experienced under the hypnosis of Marcos Lutyens.

Seance under hypnosis (90min). Limited amount of seats.


Q: What is the relationship between art and hypnosis?
A: The hypnotic power of artworks has always been a favorite trope of people looking for transformative potential of art. However instead of seeing “hypnotic power” as a rhetorical figure, Hypnotic Show aims at reducing art practice to the method of pure hypnosis. According to biometrics it connects to the brain faster.

Q: Why brain?
A: It is the ultimate destination of neuro-social engineering as well as subjectivities of yet-to-be-invented. From the perspective of ceaseless production and total transparency, the brain is seen as a final frontier to be colonised, from the perspective of individual subjectivity – as a last resort of things not-to-be-known. Hypnotic Show positions itself on both ends of the perspective.

Q: How does Hypnotic Show work?
A: When all spaces undergo gentrification and you think that your very inner subjectivity will remain a space of a strictly personal order your brain-waves are being measured against you.

Q: No, no, but how does it work technically?
A: A number of invited artists and writers have shared scenarios with Marcos Lutyens to be performed on the audience through a session of hypnosis.

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17.01.2012, 7pm

1-Trouver / chercher

Delphine Coindet

In a new project called La démocratie des couleurs, Delphine Coindet submits the authority of the exhibition to the risk of its dissolution in time and space. With the codes and symboles of a game, this project will be held in different venues. For Forde, the artist focuses on blue.

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19.01.2012, 7pm

Inner cinema

Five films by Eric Duvivier, 1961-1977

Un délire hallucinatoire, 1961, 16mm transferred on video, 24’

Concerto Mécanique pour la Folie or La Folle Mécanomorphose, 1962-63, avec Erró, Dominique Grange et Jacques Higelin, 16mm transferred on video, 19'

Images du monde visionnaire, 1963, avec Henri Michaux, 16mm transferred on video, 34’

Hystérie, langage du corps, 1967, 16mm transferred on video, 43’

Autoportrait d’un schizophrène, 1977, avec Pierre Clémenti, 16mm transferred on video, 21’

The work of Eric Duvivier (born 1928) is stupefying as much as unknown. Nephew of cineast Julien Duvivier, filmmaker and producer, he is adopted by Surrealists, realises the special effects of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished L’Enfer in 1964, and works together with Henri Michaux on one of his cult piece, Images du monde visionnaire, in 1963.

This program, through a selection of five rare movies, is an introduction to the universe of a filmmaker who kept exploring the most obscure zones of human mind. Autoportrait d’un schizophrène, realised with actor and psychedelic filmmaker Pierre Clémenti, says it all : lyrical attempt to recreate the world perceived by the patient; colored, abstract and bright elegy for the mad shot in a gray Paris in the process of being torn, ruined, hollowed, after May 68; this film defines Duvivier’s work as an audiovisual poem, the vault of the cinematographic reason, for the glory of inner revolutions.

Program proposed and presented by Yann Chateigné, art critic, curator, Dean of the Visual Arts Department, Geneva University of Art and Design.

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Mathilde Agius


(video triptych, loop)

The young photographer shoots a group of eurythmics, form of corporeal expression created by the anthroposophical community, between baroque theater and lyrical dance.

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Online release (soon)

Renaud Loda

I don’t wanna know

Hip hop in a white cube.

Un semblant de monde


Hypnotic Show

1-Trouver / chercher

Le cinéma du dedans