An exhibition organized by Outrage Collectif

Forde is delighted to welcome you this Thursday to the opening of the 4 day exhibition organized as a part of Papaponera 2022 (the 5-year anniversary festival of Outrage Collectif/OC).

This exhibition, curated by OC, presents works by the artists Eden Levi Am, Bahram Zaerpour, Debbie Alagen, Sima Naeimi Manesh, Madame Klebo, Cecilia Moya Rivera, Valentine Zhang, Azadbek Bekchanov, and Chirine Samii.

The other events of Paraponera 2022 are happening at Théâtre de l’Usine, Spoutnik cinema, Pneu (Vélodrome), and Uni Mail —->

(!) the opening hours of this exhibition are detailed in the flyer here under:

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Exhibition from 10 November 2022 until 13 November 2022