Calling +41 22 518 10 77, the words strike the affect and the voice melts into the intimate space of the telephone: the Hotline Forde is a phone line which can call you or answer your calls this Wednesday and Thursday, from 5pm to 8pm.

When sounds emerge from our administered, engineered and biological bodies, the curiosity generated by these internal politics becomes a multitude of languages, which are potentially anonymous, advising, listening, sincere, lying… In complete confidentiality, what is said on the Hotline Forde remains between two phones and hearsay.

Hotline Forde 3 – Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th of March – from 5pm to 8pm

Real Madrid – Dial Tone (2021), on-hold messaging service

Wednesday, March 3rd:
Azadbek Bekchanov, Une dent en moins et des bavures
Gina Fischli, Reading from my biography and others

Thursday, March 4th:
Claire van Lubeek, Interdit de me stresser
Jessy Razafimandimby, Coquette Palace for Pretty Mama

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